Meet Elora Farmers’ Markets’ new cow. Thanks to the talents of Annerose and Susan we have our very own mascot.  She’s lovely, easy going, fun to be with but she needs a name! Vote on your favourite here.

Choose from:

Eloise      Rosie       Buttercup       Snowflake        Esmerelda.

We need your vote!

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Something special is coming to the market this Saturday, November 14th at 10:30

What is coming to market on Saturday at 10:30 in the morning?

Something very special is arriving this Saturday to the Paddock Building.   We have been expecting this arrival for a while, but we don’t know what it looks like yet!

Here’s just a peek ~~~~

Just a Peek of Whose Coming!

          Can you guess?    

Will you help to welcome this lovely new member of our market?  

 We can’t wait to say hello!  Come and join us for the fun!

We may need to give this new thing a name.  You can help!

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Elora Farmers’ Market – Indoors starting October 31st at the Paddock Building, Grand River Raceway

fall bountypumpkin soup!

It’s time to be warm and dry indoors!

 Join us this Saturday, Oct 31st for the start of our indoor market.  We have all our  wonderful farmers, bakers and makers of great food here for you.  

Hot Cider and Halloween crafts for kids, too! 

Davy Wilcox will play and sing.

Something new!

We are welcoming local artisan vendors to our mix. Non food based vendors of fine local craft are welcome to join us at the market.  As with our other vendors we ask that you commit to the 8 weeks we will be operating the indoor market. Interested?  See details under Vendors on our website for more information and the application form.


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Saturday Oct. 10 10 am to 1 pm – It’s Pumpkin Day!

FREE! Sensational Elora – A Festival of the Senses presents
PUMPKIN DAY down at the Elora Farmers’ Market.

So much to do! Kevin Bender, professional Pumpkin Carver, will demonstrate the skill of carving a giant pumpkin.  Free family pumpkin carving too!

KIds – if you planted and grew your own pumpkin bring it down to share your talent and take home a trophy.

How a pro does it! Pumpkin Day carving
10:00 am Kelly Linton’s Address
10:05 am 5 Rock
10:30 am One World Puppet Show
10:45 am Blue Bonnie Lassies form Highland School of Dance
11:00 am Bear Cheerleaders
11:15 Zumba with Nerine
12:00 5 Live Rock Band
12:30 Patricia Sensational Elora final address
+ Mapleton Organic Ice Cream and more!
Sponsored by the Township of Centre Wellington, Planet CPU and Edge Realty Solutions
For more information go to

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Celebrate Rural Romp and Culture Days at the Market this Saturday!

Join us for market fun September 26th

Free buggy rides with Mervin  – donations to the food bank are most welcome.2011 Horse & Buggy Rides

Food demo and sampling with Chef Peter Skoggard and friends.

sPeter Skoggard

Music with Davy Wilcox.

,Davy Wilcox

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Do you have dull, lifeless blades? Knives that won’t slice?  Scissors that can’t cut?

Well, give yourself a break and give your tools a new lease on life!  Bring ’em down to the Elora Farmers’ Market on Saturday, September 12th and take home tools you can use.  Increase your own productivity and skill and reduce the risk of accidents with dull blades.

Come and say hello.  Friendly service from Sharp My my knife

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This Saturday Peter Skoggard will shop the Elora Farmers’ Market for the freshest foods and create delicious fare for us all to sample and enjoy.

Come and enjoy a day at the market!

Peter S water nymph

Lively and unpredictable..just what we need in a cook!!

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AUGUST 15 – Elora Farmers’ Market is on the grounds of the Elora Centre for the Arts



This SATURDAY, AUG 15 we’re set up on the grounds of  ELORA CENTRE for the ARTS,

75  Melville Street, right opposite Bissell Park.

All our best vendors will be here at the market. See you there 9 am to 1 pm.

RIVERFEST ELORA will be rockin’ on in the park,  so you can enjoy the music too!

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This Saturday, August 8th  Sharp My Knife, a mobile knife sharpening unit, will be coming to the Elora Farmers’ Market.
sharp my knife

Bring your dull and dangerous knives to market and take home knives that will make you look like a pro!  Did you know most cutting accidents happen with dull tools.  Don’t take chances in your home or work.

sharp my knife 2

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JULY 18TH – A Despatcho by the Water

Despacho 2      evening despatcho

Thanks to the Water Ceremony

Saturday, July 18 10 am to noon Bissell Park, Elora
What to bring: flowers from your garden
Despatchos are beautiful living prayer bundles. These bundles hold our intentions for manifesting or releasing. The focus of this despatcho is gratitude for clean, living waters. We will use flowers and leaves to hold these intentions. When complete, it will be released into water to allow the prayers to go into the wider world. This shifts the energy and brings in opportunities and healing.
We are mostly water, the planet’s surface is mostly water… we heal the waters, we heal ourselves and we heal the planet.
All are welcome! Wonderful for kids!

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