Saturday, March 28th – We recognize farmers Mervin and Lorna Martin of Sure Choice Produce

Saturday, March 28th

This week we celebrate farmers Mervin and Lorna Martin and family.     They are Sure Choice Produce and they have been part of the Elora Farmers’ Market since our beginning in 2005!  They come in both winter and summer with the bounty of their garden.

Mervin & Lorna Martin The Sure Choice Produce family have never missed a market day, rain or shine or  snow. (yes even snow outdoors in October!)  If Mervin can’t be at market in person, then someone from the extended family is there.  Mervin and Lorna are gentle, honest and hard-working. They have a wonderful young family who often come to market to help out and visit. Mervin has chaired our all volunteer committee for the market for several years now.

At least once every summer and fall, Mervin brings his horses and buggy and takes market customers for a ride through a charming area of the village in exchange for donations to the CW Food Bank.

Mervin at the wheel2011 Horse & Buggy Rides

Come and celebrate these great folks with us.  Say hello to Mervin and Lorna and enjoy our Taste Real  – Local Food From the Ground Up!


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